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Time Taken Filter & Time Management

It is very simple to talk and read about Time Management but is a very difficult job to follow. The time management plays an essential role to prepare for any test or competition. ALLEN's Online Test Series gives an opportunity to assess your preparation in time constraint manner.

During exams often student find himself running out of time. Managing your time well is very important while appearing for exam. It can definitely make a difference to your results.

After taking test most of the students give feedback that paper was too good, they could have attempted it more but they ran short of time.

Now students can learn to manage time with ALLEN's Online Test Series Platform. It comes up with a "Time Taken" filter which indicates the list of questions where unnecessarily long time has been taken by students and allows them to bookmark the questions for further revision and practice.

ALLEN's Online Test Series will make you learn to distribute your valuable time wisely, review yourself, check the time devoted on each question while taking test, analyze, practice and improve. Hence better time management and improved results.