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Innovative Test Preparation Methodology
ALLEN's Online Test Series provide students an innovative test preparation framework to prepare for JEE (Main), JEE Advanced, Pre-Medical (AIPMT/AIIMS), BITSAT, CBSE (VI-X), NTSE and different Olympiads. It contains tests which are carefully created by our expert faculty to enhance and sharpen the preparation of students for actual exam.
My Packages
Here you will find your bought packages which consist of minor test and major test list. This page indicates attempted tests, unattempted tests and analysis. Added to that, it contains an additional link for the 'Second Attempt' test which has all unattempted questions and it can be attempted any time.
Identify Silly/Conceptual Mistakes
Just after submitting a test, a student will be given an exercise to identify silly/conceptual mistakes for the incorrect questions. Our analytical and scientific platform will tell him the incremental marks he could have obtained if he hadn't committed silly mistake.
Second Attempt
After the identification of silly/conceptual mistakes, a new test will be generated called 'Second Attempt'. It will have all the unattempted questions. After attempting this test, we will tell the user his incremental marks (based on correct questions) which he could have achieved if he had attempted those questions in first go. My Packages will contain an additional link for the 'Second Attempt' test which can be attempted any time.
My Revision List
This section contains all the questions (sorted by subject and topic for easy browsing) which you unattempted or attempted incorrectly within all the tests that you have attempted so far. This list is automatically generated upon submission of any test. It helps you to revise/attempt questions which you missed out while taking the main test.
My Bookmark List
This section lists down all the questions (sorted by subject and topic for easy browsing) which you have bookmarked so far. This list helps you archive questions which you think are good/important/significant with respect to your exam preparation. It also displays the 'Notes' that you would have put while Bookmarking, this way you can create a repository of tips-and-tricks OR out-of-box approach OR anything else that you want to archive.