Frequently asked questions

How Can I Give My Tests online?

A) On web

  • Visit URL "http://myallen.in/1v" .
  • Use your ALLEN form number and date of birth to activate your test package(one time)
  • Validate using OTP
  • You can attempt test from your package under "My packages"

B) On Mobile App

  • Open “TestMyPrep” app
  • Click on “Digital Classes Students”
  • Use your ALLEN Form number and date of birth to activate your test package (one time)
  • Validate using OTP
  • You can attempt test from your package under "My packages"

Where will I find my test ?

To navigate to your test you need to go to your Package under "My Packages".

How Can I Give My test?

Under your package you will find your test. You need to click "Attempt" to start giving your test.

Can I attempt my online tests on mobile?

Yes, once your package is activated, you can attempt your online test on mobile as well. For better experience download our App "TestMyPrep" from Play store for Android phones.

What is the timing to attempt the Online test Series?

Timing for each test is given in your test schedule. Usually Digital Classroom tests are open from 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM on default Test date and available any time next day onwards. You can start your test between this duration.

What is the duration of the test?

Test duration is as per your target exam. For e.g. JEE Main it is 3 hrs.

What if my test is interrupted in between?

Once you start a test your timer will start and it will keep running and expire after 3 hours. So if your test is interrupted due to any reason you should start your test as soon as you can to avoid loss of time.

Will I get extra time if my test is interrupted?

No, you will not get any extra time if a test is interrupted in between. So prepare yourself before starting the test.

How many no. of attempts will I get for the online tests?

Digital Classroom students get 1 attempt per test in a scheduled window. Students can attempt a test next day if they miss the default test window(09:00 AM to 07:00 PM).

Will I get a rank for my test?

Yes, you will get a rank provided you have given your test during the test window. If you have missed the test window you can attempt the test next day, but you will not get any rank.

Will solutions for the test be provided?

You will be provided with hints or solutions of the test after the test is attempted.

Can I download a test paper?

Yes, you can download test papers in PDF format after you attempt the test.

Can I re-attempt a test?

No, you will get only 1 chance to attempt the test. Though, you can download the test paper in PDF after the test attempt for your offline practice.

When will I get my result?

You will get your result and performance analysis Next day of the scheduled test window.

What is performance analysis?

Performance analysis is a feature where you will get details of your test attempt. In this you will get details like, your marks, no of correct answers, no of wrong answers, hint/solution for the questions etc.

Technical Issues

1.) How can i allow test start pop-ups in Chrome.

Please Follow the below Steps to Allow pop-ups from our website https://www.onlinetestseries.in/allenkota/

  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • Go to the page where pop-ups are blocked.
  • In the address bar, click Pop-up blocked .
  • Click the link for the pop-up you want to see.
  • To always see pop-ups for the site, select Always allow pop-ups and redirects from [ https://www.onlinetestseries.in/allenkota/ ]