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  • JEE Advanced 2018 Exam Practice
    Simulate the actual JEE Advanced 2018 Online Exam with our Full Syllabus Major Mock Test Series for JEE Advanced 2018. Do real practice, get instant feedbacks and AIR.
  • Announcement : New Session 2018-19
    Wait is Over !! ALLEN announces Online Test Series for Academic Session 2018-19 for JEE(Main), JEE(Advanced), BITSAT, NEET-UG, AIIMS. Login to access FREE Mock Tests and purchase premium test packages. For assistance,Please call 0744-2750275 (10AM to 8PM).ALLEN
  • Announcement : New Session 2018-20 (For Class XIth)
    Hurry !! ALLEN announces Online Test Series for Academic Session 2018-20 for JEE(Advanced) 2020, NEET-UG 2020 which is now available on . For Assistance call 0744-2750275 (10AM to 8PM).ALLEN
    Wait is Over !! ALLEN Career Institute announces Full Syllabus Major Online Test Series for last mile preparation of JEE(Advanced), NEET-UG, and AIIMS 2018 at Rs 600. For any assistance, Please call 0744-2750275 (10:00 AM to 08:00 PM).ALLEN
  • BITSAT Online Test Series
    ALLEN announces launch of BITSAT 2018 Online Test Series - India's most innovative online practice mock test series for BITSAT aspirants for exact simulation of the online BITSAT exam. Click here for details.
  • AIIMS Online Test Series
    ALLEN announces launch of AIIMS 2018 Online Test Series - India's most innovative online practice mock test series for AIIMS aspirants for exact simulation of the online AIIMS exam. Click here for details.
  • Dashboard for Online Exam Preparation
    Super-charge your online exam preparation with our unique dashboard having innovative features like Learning Index, Syllabus Meter, Cumulative Performance Tracking and much more. Register Now and enroll in Online Test Series.

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Selections in 2017 from ALLEN & OnlineTestSeries
StreamTotal SelectionsTopper's Rank
JEE (Main) 2017 Total Qualified: 15107 10 in Top 25 ; 23 in Top 100; 45 in Top 200 ; 116 in Top 500
JEE (Main + Advanced) 2017 6289 (CCP:4383 ; DLP:1906) AIR 8,9,10
3 in Top 10 ; 10 in Top 25; 25 in Top 100
NEET 2017 Above Cut Off Marks
54235 (CCP:34623; DLP:19612)
AIR 2,3,5,7,9,10
6 in Top 10 ; 12 in Top 20 ; 54 in Top 100
AIIMS 2017 AIR 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
10 in Top 10 ; 34 in Top 50


Topper's Gallery in 2017 from OnlineTestSeries


  • Praagy Rastogi
    44th Rank In JEE Main
  • Sameer Pande
    68th Rank In JEE Main
  • Harsh Dolhare
    164th Rank In JEE Main
  • Pruthak Joshi
    191st Rank In JEE Main
  • Abhishek Tanpure
    213rd Rank In JEE Main
  • Ankit Kumar
    226th Rank In JEE Main
  • Nikhil Bansal
    391st Rank In JEE Main
  • Suyash Singh
    485th Rank In JEE Main
  • Onkar Manik Deshpande
    8th Rank In JEE Advanced
  • Shourya Aggarwal
    50th Rank In JEE Advanced
  • Aaron John Sabu
    94th Rank In JEE Advanced
  • Sameer Pande
    104th Rank In JEE Advanced
  • Abhilash Kar
    110th Rank In JEE Advanced
  • Nikhil Bansal
    190th Rank In JEE Advanced
  • Aryan Raj Singh
    9th Rank In NEET
  • Vanshika Arora
    20th Rank In NEET
  • Rucha Herlekar
    33rd Rank In NEET
  • Tamoghna Ghosh
    34th Rank In NEET
  • Prakhar Agrawal
    44th Rank In NEET
  • Shivam Kr Singh
    50st Rank In NEET
  • Nipun Chandra
    55th Rank In NEET
  • Shraddha Baheti
    58th Rank In NEET
  • Harshita Choudhary
    67th Rank In NEET
  • Vishnu Damodharan
    78th Rank In NEET
  • Tamoghna Ghosh
    3rd Rank In AIIMS
  • Nipun Chandra
    4th Rank In AIIMS
  • Rinku Sarmah
    8th Rank In AIIMS
  • Aryan Raj Singh
    11th Rank In AIIMS
  • Rhytha Kasiraj
    15th Rank In AIIMS
  • Shivam Kr Singh
    28th Rank In AIIMS
  • Aarushi
    96th Rank In AIIMS